Marine Products

WhiffleTech is proud to be the North American Distributor for exceptional marine products manufactured by GME, and SevenStar Electronics.

Since the early 1970s GME has been at the vanguard of marine electronics in the Australian region. The blending of hands-on experience with creative software engineering has produced a host of innovative GME Marine products including the world's first VHF transceiver with totally integrated direct dial telephone facility, the compact size COSPAS/SARSAT compatible EPIRBs and the GR series of marine stereos. They all proudly bear the GME logo.


All GME marine products undergo stringent testing to ensure they will provide years of trouble free service in the harsh marine environment. We are also sensitive to product aesthetics; our goal is to achieve a harmonious balance between good looks and practicality.

SevenStar Electronics Ltd was formed specifically to provide high technology solutions to some of the more pressing safety, navigation and identification issues facing us today. We aim to deliver best-in-class products using the latest proven design and manufacturing technologies, and are fully approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.