FBM200 Series Beacon Monitor by WS Technologies


  • FBM200A – 406 MHz Beacon Monitor – USB
  • FBM200B – 406 MHz Beacon Monitor – Ethernet

General Overview

The FBM200 is a high-gain dedicated 406 MHz Beacon Monitor that receives and logs all Cospas-Sarsat 406 MHz beacon transmissions and provides alerts.

Applications include port monitoring, airfield monitoring, park monitoring, beacon manufacturing or test facility monitoring, beacon self test transmission verification, tower verification of ELT signal strength, and many others. Use the included antenna or connect an external antenna for increased area coverage.

Beacon Monitor
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The FBM200 Beacon Monitor is a versatile new application for monitoring. It is a high-gain dedicated 406 MHz receiver that automatically receives, decodes, logs, and maps all Cospas-Sarsat 406 MHz beacon transmissions from a wide surrounding area (self-test and LIVE activation). Applications of the Beacon Monitor include, but are not limited to:

  • Port monitoring
  • Airfield monitoring
  • Park monitoring
  • Beacon Manufacturing or Test Facility monitoring
  • Beacon self test transmission verification
  • Tower verification of ELT signal strength

The FBM200 Beacon Monitor decodes the beacon message and also measures the transmitting beacon frequency and relative signal strength. It comes with very versatile software that allows the user to customize the program for their desired application. The Beacon Monitor comes with an antenna, or connect the optional high performance outdoor antenna for increased area coverage.

To help reduce the number of false distress alerts, the Beacon Monitor is a great way to monitor the activity of any 406 MHz beacon in your surrounding area. The user can create custom notifications that can be sent to e-mail, and SMS text messaging.

Some of the great features of the new FBM200 Beacon Monitor include:

  • Real-Time 406 MHz Beacon monitoring
  • Receives all past, present, and future Cospas-Sarsat channels
  • -125 dBm receiver sensitivity!
  • Connect to PC via USB (FBM200A)or Ethernet (FBM200B) interface
  • Customize the application with our versatile software package (Included!)
  • Power supplied via USB port on PC, or AC adapter
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Adjustable receiver sensitivity level
  • Measures and displays RSSI (receiver signal strength)
  • Measures and displays frequency
  • Data logging – organizes and timestamps the data
  • XML formatted data – very useful for database applications
  • Live beacon activation notification via LED and/or audio alerts
  • Alarm relay contacts allow use of external lights, buzzers, etc
  • Ethernet connectivity (FBM200B) allows for remote management and remote diagnostics, and the ability to network numerous units for broader coverage
  • Decodes GNSS location and displays distance to beacon (FBM200B)
  • Optional outdoor antenna
  • Very compact unit (4.3" x 2.5" x 1")
  • Aluminium construction – very rugged
  • Sits on desk, or mounts on wall

FBM200 Specifications
FBM200 Map Screen FBM200 Map Screen FBM200 Monitor Screen FBM200 Alert Screen FBM200 Sensitivity Screen FBM200 Alarms Screen FBM200 Email Screen FBM200 SMS Screen
Item Part Number
FBM200A (USB) 910-FBM200A
FBM200B (Ethernet) 910-FBM200B
Outdoor Antenna w/mounting hardware 420-100
Certificate of Calibration (optional) FBM200-CAL
Extension Cable for outdoor antenna Part Number
25' (7.6 m) 130-022-A
50' (15.2 m) 130-022-B
75' (22.9 m) 130-022-C
100' (30.5 m) 130-022-D