AIS - Automatic Identification System

Seven Star SeaTraceR AIS B Transponder


The Seven Star SeaTraceR AIS B Transponder from SevenStar was one of the first to be designed following the release of the IEC- 62287-1 specification. It utilizes the most sophisticated digital signal processing and software algorithms to implement the required CS-TDMA transmitter and receiver functions. Robust and resilient to the stresses of life at sea, the SeaTraceR is housed in an IP-65 rated aluminum enclosure with matching and versatile mounting hardware, all of which is protected with a sea-water resistant coating under a heavy-duty powder-coat external finish.

Combined with a chart plotter or AIS-enabled radar set, it takes their performance into the next generation - once you've seen it in action, you won't believe you could have sailed without it!

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Seven Star SeaVieweR


The Seven Star SeaVieweR is our latest AIS product, and fills the gap between the low-end simple receivers and more expensive Class B Transponders. It boasts a very high spec 16 channel DGPS receiver as well as a market-leading synthesised AIS receiver with two simultaneous channels (both AIS channels are monitored independently at all times - so no missed messages or long delays to receive data as happens with the cheaper receivers).

The truly unique feature is that once you have used AIS at sea and seen just how good it is, you can have your SeaVieweR upgraded to full Class B Transponder functionality! (So you can also be seen.) The SeaVieweR follows hot on the heels of our SeaTraceR Class B AIS Transponder, which services the fast-moving field of maritime safety, navigation and security, and was one of the first AIS Transponders designed to the recently-released Class B specification to be both EU and USCG approved! AIS is already mandated for SOLAS commercial and passenger vessels worldwide in Class A form. Our SeaTraceR Class B Transponder works within this system, bringing its wide-reaching benefits to the leisure and smaller commercial vessel market.

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Dual Antenna

Seven Star X.588 Combo AIS/activeGPS antenna

Perfect for AIS applications, the SX.588 'Combo' antenna saves installation time and cost by providing both the VHF and GPS antennas in one very neat package with a single 'figure8' style cable. Designed specifically for use with our SeaTraceR Class B Transponder, and with our SeaVieweR UPGRADEABLE Dual Channel AIS/GPS Receiver.

Get the SevenStar AIS experience today!

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