406 ELT Testers

Introducing the latest technology for qualifying the integrity of locator beacons.

406 ELT Testers


121.5 MHz and 243 MHz measurements


406 MHz, 121.5 MHz and 243MHz measurements.


406 MHz, 121.5 and 243 MHz measurements plus 406 MHz frequency stability

Don’t just decode the ELT ... analyze it!

The industry is demanding higher quality from 406 beacons and is implementing more thorough periodic testing. Beacon Testers that only decode the 406 message are not suitable to meet the increasing demands from the industry to ensure the beacons are indeed operating properly. WST is the world leader in Beacon Testing technology. Core products revolve around testing ELTs, EPIRBs and PLBs which allows us to offer unprecedented support for all of your beacon testing issues. You can rest easy knowing that the beacons you test using WST Beacon Testers will be thoroughly tested. The BT100AV series provides thorough beacon measurement capabilities at an affordable price!

General Information

The aviation industry needed to measure 243 MHz so we created a series of Beacon Testers to address that need. We built on the features of our most popular model (BT100A) and added 243 MHz frequency and power measurements. In addition you can listen to the real-time audio on 121.5 MHz or 243 MHz! The BT100AV series even decodes Morse Code. With the BT100AVtriple you still get the powerful 406 MHz graphic measurements for power, phase modulation and spectrum. To comply with your Quality Assurance requirements, we now include detailed calibration data with each Certificate of Calibration.

If you don’t need 406 capabilities yet, you can get the BT100AVdouble (121/243) version now and upgrade via the internet in the future. Internet upgrading simplifies the process ... no down time, no shipping costs, no customs hassles. A cost effective solution.

If your requirements include the need to measure 406 MHz frequency stability then the BT100AVS model is the one to choose. The BT100AVS does everything the BT100AVtriple does plus measure 406 frequency stability.

The BT100AV series exceeds the measurement requirements for ELTs in the USA (FAA Part 91.207), in Canada (CAR 571 Appendix G), and the Europe (CAA/EuroCAE requirements). A very cost effective solution! Eliminate the need for a spectum anayzer and other costly equipment.


  • Exceeds FAA, IC, and EuroCAE ELT inspections requirements.
  • Entire receiver is housed in a CompactFlashTM card!
  • Intuitive and easy to use software.
  • External coax connection accepts output of screen box or direct input (no external attenuator required).
  • Measures 121.5 MHz/243 MHz parameters.
  • User can add text notes or audio notes to measurement.
  • An internal temperature sensor for measurement accuracy.
  • Standard 2 year calibration cycle.
  • Store over 200 measurements.

Additional features of BT100AVtriple and BT100AVS models:

  • Receives all Cospas-Sarsat past, current, and future frequency channels and decodes all Cospas-Sarsat protocols.
  • Direct connection power measurement accuracy to ± 1dB on 406 MHz.
  • Internal antenna receives 406 burst from over 10 metres away.
  • Graphic display of 406 MHz phase modulation.
  • Graphic display of 406 MHz in-band frequency spectrum.
  • Graphic display of 406 MHz power during the burst.
  • Identifies manufacturer and model number from Cospas-Sarsat Approval list.
  • Excellent third party cases available to provide ruggedness and waterproofing (OtterBox).

Additional features of the BT100AVS:

  • Measures Frequency Stability in accordance to C/S T.007 Annex J.
  • User inputs the desired duration of Stability test.
  • You can monitor measurement results during the Stability test.
  • Creates a delimited text file so you can import all measured data into your favourite application for analysis or graphing.
  • Delimited text file produces data at each burst. Data includes: Date & Time of burst, burst number, UIN, Full HEX, 406 Power, S1, S2, S3, Repetition Period, Nominal Frequency, Short Term Stability, Medium Term Mean Slope, and Medium Term Residual.
  • Delimited text file includes raw frequency measurement data S1, S2, and S3 as defined by C/S T.007 – ideal for development and troubleshooting!
  • User supplies a stable 10MHz Reference Signal (why pay for and maintain yet another stable frequency source when you already have one?)
  • Excellent accuracy: ± 2.5E-11
  • Pre-qualify your own new beacon designs before submitting to the test lab!